Do you have much experience packing things into a storage unit? Do you often find yourself looking like the guy in the picture? Well that"s why we"re here to help. There are a few tips, tricks, and ideas to help you.

Think about the size of the unit before you rent one, to determine if all of your stuff will fit in it. There are some nice storage unit size guides on the internet to help you know if your stuff will fit or not. Next pack all your stuff up neatly in an organized fashion. This will save you so much headache down the road. To do this you will need to get some packing material and some markers. Bubble wrap works well for fragile items, also newspapers, blankets, and boxes will be necessary. To help with your organization of your boxes for later unpacking, try to label all your items.

Once you arrive at the storage facility and find your unit. Do a quick inspection, depending on the location and weather conditions you may want to put down some pallets or tarps on the floor of the unit. Humidity and condensation could potentially harm your items. Once you start moving your items into the unit, place the heavier and bigger appliances and furniture on the floor of the unit, as you start to stack boxes remember to face the labels toward the door of the storage unit, or toward an isle. It"s smart to keep an isle way in case you ever need to access the rear of the unit. Weird shaped items fit well toward the ceiling of the storage unit.